In this section, the developed resources in the research project are published, such as: software tools, annotated corpus, among others.

ChAnot: a software annotation tool

Source code, video-demo and documents used for morphological and syntactic annotation. Link.

       Github Repository

Ship-LemmaTagger (TSD 2017)

Corpus with lemma and POS-tag annotation. Link

Parallel-corpus (RANLP 2017)

Parallel corpus between spanish and shipibo-konibo. Link

Spell-checker-test (EMNLP 2017 SCLeM)

Test corpus for the spell-checker evaluation. Link.

Multi-lang-corpus (SIMBig 2017 ANLP)

A textual corpus of 16 peruvian native languages (this corpus is partially available, the restrictions are described in the README file in the link). Link


A WordNet like resource for Shipibo-Konibo. Link